LIVE 2008


From unspoken primitivism to artificial intelligence,

from the never ending material development to the end of production

A videosonic performance by Tasaday

Images from a video by Cineteca Atomica Garigliano at the Medieval Castle of Itri, 13 June 2007

"End of Production"

an audio and visual performance by Tasaday

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Paolo Cantù (guitar, clarinet, percussions), Stefano Golfari (trumpet, electronics, percussions), Xabier Iriondo (guitar, electronics, laptop, percussions), Daniele Malavasi (drums, percussions, xilophone), Carlo Ronchi (bass, percussions), Sandro Ripamonti (laptop and video, percussions), Stefano Sangalli (vocals, synthesizer, percussions)

"images becoming alive in a performance among natural wooded and metallic sounds, raw materials of a production reaching its end through the final clash, where the first ones are doomed during the iron age, while the second ones writhe and find their last stop through the dumb scream of rusty carcasses in the middle of a desert." February 2006


“End of production" is a videosonic performance by Tasaday, experimental musical project born in the 80ies. On stage, in front of a wide screen, seven musicians with their electronic, electric and acoustic instruments, performing on video images processed in real time. A concept live show through music and video, entering a sort of historical and anthropological path from ancestral primitivism, through historical turning points, focusing on the human mind and its contradictions, just to arrive to the contemporary times with their surprising end. The meaning comes to the audience by music and images, in a growing emotional involvement. During the show, climbing sounds create various sonic touches by different instruments, and contrast with each other time to time. Wood and metal percussions, trumpet and clarinet, computer and samplers stand side by side with an old analogical synthesizer and, sometimes, a voice: rhythmic changes and atmospheres where electronic and acoustic instruments cross their path in unexpected ways. Drums, bass and electric guitars give sudden lashes. Images on the screen especially are from masterpieces of avanguardistic film realized in the beginning of the 20th century, and from later documentaries. The show offers a sonic frame applying on a real time video-making, and the musicians too, looking at the screen while performing, are part of the feeling construction by their active contribution. An emotional show with a strong impact, where music and images embrace audiences, bewildering and surprising it all along.

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